The bank of mum and dad

According to research from Legal & General and economics consultancy Cebr, this year ‘bank of mum and dad’ will lend more than £6.5bn to allow their children to get on the property ladder.


Top three neighborhoods for Millennials

A couple of weeks ago we described how Millennials, born roughly between 1980 an 2000, were the latest generation of home buyers that the real estate market had to keep up with (to read that blog post please click here), well today we reveal the top three neighbourhoods millennials are eyeing the most, and they are all in Pretoria East.

Neo Estates

Neo Estates is an independent property group and affiliate company of Neo Africa. Through its headquarters in Cape Town and satellite offices and legal partners in different European countries, this agency is able to service clients needs on a global scale.


Tips to keep your investment profitable

If you’re a first-time commercial property owner you may think the complicated part of your new business adventure was choosing the property, but the truth is, once that is done, you need to do your bit to keep that investment profitable.


How transport costs and traffic are influencing property value

Growing trends are emerging showing how the desire to avoid being stuck in traffic, or to avoid the growing cost of using private transports, are heavily influencing property purchasing decisions. In South Africa this is especially true for cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Durr Estates: Selling houses, creating homes

Founded in 1969, the Durr Estates brand is well known throughout the Cape, and has grown over the years into a large network of offices covering the Peninsula, Boland, Overberg, Southern and Eastern Cape.


A pet-friendly home

According to statistics, 40% of UK households have a pet. Of that 40%, nearly half is made up by dogs. A lot of factors go into picking a property and decorating a home, and the presence of a four-legged friend should be one of them.