Top three neighborhoods for Millennials

A couple of weeks ago we described how Millennials, born roughly between 1980 an 2000, were the latest generation of home buyers that the real estate market had to keep up with (to read that blog post please click here), well today we reveal the top three neighbourhoods millennials are eyeing the most, and they are all in Pretoria East.

1) Hazelwood. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is fast becoming one of the hippest neighbourhoods in Pretoria East, and with it’s trendy hangouts in the heart of the city, it’s a definite attraction. It’s mix of older homes and new apartments at a short distance from the upmarket lifestyle shopping centre that is ‘The Club’ have made this area so popular, that it’s estimated that only in the last year, a quarter of all buyers have been millennials.

2) Constantia Park. Affordable and popular with students, young professionals and young families (millennials make up for a third of recent real estate activity) this suburb, with it’s schools, amenities and quick access to the N1 and N4 arterials, is the next best thing.

3) Equestria. Especially attractive for first-time home buyers, as well as remaining a fantastic option for young professionals and families, the third most on demand neighbourhood for millennials (41% of recent activity) offers everything from apartments to townhouses to full title properties. Also, let’s not forget that Equestria, just as the top two choices, is not short on first class facilities such as Grove Mall, an Imax theatre, an ice rink, a large offering of retail and restaurant brands as well as leisure facilities.

So, if you’re a millennial, head over to Pretoria East and start looking for your perfect property, if you’re an investor, keep your eye on these three trendy suburbs!


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