A pet-friendly home

According to statistics, 40% of UK households have a pet. Of that 40%, nearly half is made up by dogs. A lot of factors go into picking a property and decorating a home, and the presence of a four-legged friend should be one of them.

Start by considering your pet’s habits and identifying the areas of the house he spends most of his time, are those are the ones that need to be pet-proofed the most. Loose objects that are placed on side tables or that are at a low height, can be easily knocked over by a wagging tail, so regardless of where your dog likes to spend most of his time, if he’s granted access to the whole house, this precaution needs to be applied to every room. Hang objects on walls or put them in cabinets, and avoid furniture with sharp edges or that can be particularly delicate when an excited animal is speeding past them. We’re sure your furry friend wouldn’t want to injure himself while walking around his own home, and at the same time, we’re sure you wouldn’t want expensive objects breaking when it can so easily be avoided.
Don’t waste money on expensive rugs or carpets as the chances of them getting stained, damaged or full of fur is extremely high. Use cheap rugs that can be easily cleaned, if not completely replaced often without breaking the bank every time. For this same reason we recommend not to carpet your entire home. Use small carpets and strategically place them in certain areas.
As far as flooring is concerned, hard floors are the best solution. They’re easy to clean, stain resistant and can be replaced in sections. The wall equivalent is semi-gloss wall paint. Dirt and smudges can be wiped off in no time and stress free.
When pets live in a home fur is everyone’s number one enemy. You can limit it by brushing your dog often and keeping him clean, but this still won’t help in avoiding it completely, so the next best option is to try and hide it! If you can, buy upholstery that is a similar colour to your pet in order to make fur less visible, and steer clear from materials such as velvet which are harder to clean. Choose couches and chairs that have exposed legs and use mattress pads as well as linen, that can withstand frequent washing.
No matter how many times you tell a dog to stay off certain furniture chances are he will occasionally break the rules and jump on your bed or on your good sofa, that’s why it’s always a good idea to be prepared with easy to wash materials.

In all of this remember to dedicate a part of the house that is of exclusive use to your pet. It’s important they have their own spot to go and relax in, so put their bed away in a corner and keep all his toys in one place for easy reach.


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