Find a warehouse

Looking to a find a warehouse in a stress free, short period of time? Then ‘Find a warehouse’ is exactly what you need!

Established in 2010 this agency has offices in Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal and has access to a substantial database of industrial properties that are updated daily. Their experienced brokers work closely with warehousing and distribution companies, and have a proven process in assisting their clients and helping them make a right and informed decision.

Before a team member is allocated to source available stock, ‘Find a warehouse’ gather enough information as possible to fully understand your requirements, even visiting your existing warehouse if needed to fully grasp your business. You will then be presented with various warehousing properties and site visits, and once a suitable facility is found, they will take care of all the documentation needed to proceed with the lease or the purchase.

Should you not find a property among the ones available, this agency also offers assistance in the construction of a brand new custom warehouse.

To learn more about ‘Find a warehouse’, please click on the following link.


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