Why Ray White?

a9fcff59b0c244facd2e62fee4297329About Ray White?

Digging into a company’s past, present, and future is now easier than ever with the transparency the internet provides. Ray White started his own agency in the small rural Australian town of Crows Nest in 1902.  Ray White’s entry into the Chinese market in 2007 highlighted a record year for the group which already boasts offices in Indonesia, Thailand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East (Dubai) and Northern Africa (MENA).

Ray White has grown an international network to become Australasia’s Supergroup.   They are a traditional full-service estate agency with offices that you can visit and will normally take care of every stage of the selling process in return for a fee when the sale goes through.  It’s tempting to email or call an agent sourced through the internet but you’ll get a much better sense of who they are and what they are like if you visit their offices to make the appointments.  Ray White is no exception, they understand that you are about to ask them to deal with what is probably your most valuable asset and they also understand you want to know they are people you are likely to trust and get on with.

Ray White Values?

The people at Ray White are far and away their greatest asset, and by employing individuals who share in their vision, the broader Ray White family has evolved.  Their culture is one of performance, which is why They’ve been responsible for so many of the record prices set right around Australasia. Today, descendants of the founder still occupy key roles in the Group, ensuring that those original family values are preserved.

For their clients, this means a greater level of care and attention and a commitment to excellence in every facet of their business. As the largest real estate network in Australasia, they can offer their clients the significant benefits which their sheer size affords.  Their extensive international database of buyers is something that no other agency can match. This invaluable local, national and international exposure ensures that no stone goes unturned when it comes to securing the best possible outcome for you. They are entirely focused on their clients and their best interests are at the heart of every single decision they make.  They acknowledged how important it is to feel supported and at ease, which is why communication is key at Ray White.

What services do they provide?

The RWI Selection is a high-profile marketing campaign showcasing the best range of property available for rent & for sale in the UAE. The customized and highly targeted marketing program is second to none and creates magnificent opportunities and results for their sellers and buyers. When it comes to, choice of properties for rent or for sale, you will find there is a wide range of choices. At Ray White, they are always adding new available properties to make it easy to find the property that meets your needs. So, whatever type of property you are in the market for, whether commercial or residential Ray White can help you find it.

For a list of Ray White’s properties pleace click here

Meet the People


Why Ray White?Why Ray White?





















Why Ray White?Why Ray White?

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