Trisl Real Estate & Aeon Properties

The biggest billboards or the snazzy advertisement does not always translate to the best person or solution for selling or renting your property. Agents are a critical part of the selling process, and can offer unique insights and experience. They also help shoulder some of the stress helping you focus on what truly matters.

Most people go to real estate agents because they offer professional service, have experience in the process and they know the market.  They do not come any bigger than our featured agent, Aeon & Trisl Real Estate Brokers. Our highly-recommended agent will eliminate any apprehensiveness you may have.   You will no longer feel like you are choosing a stranger to undertake an incredibly important task.  They will make you feel welcome, you will feel at ease and in return you will reap the benefits of their expertise.

Who are Aeon & Trisl Real Estate Brokers?

Trisl Real Estate and Aeon Properties (formerly known as C-Max) started operations (individually) in Dubai Real Estate in 2008, at the start of the infamous recession. Times were tough, and survival of the fittest was the theory. But both companies, through hard work, strategic planning and delivering customer service were one of the few genuine agencies that made it through. Began 2012, with their position solid in the market, both company directors decided that they should unite and combine resources, which will result in better services, improved client follow ups, increased inventory and market knowledge that led Aeon & Trisl to its position today.

What do they do?

Residential Property Type for Sale & Rent 

  • Apartments
  • Duplex
  • Land residential
  • Penthouse
  • Townhouse
  • Villa

Commercial Property Type for Sale & Rent 

  • Commercial half floor
  • Factor
  • Hotel
  • Hotel Apartment
  • Labour Camp
  • Land mixed use
  • Office
  • Retail

Property Management

Aeon & Trisl constantly work towards obtaining properties using metrics to meet their objective in finding the right properties that suits their client’s needs.  Thus, meaning as a prospective client, you will be happy to know your property will be in great hands. Every day, hundreds of properties are being registered and uploaded on Aeon & Trisl website, consequently giving they customers a diverse and great options to decide.

The Team








To view Aeon & Trisl’s extensive listings of their properties please click here


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