Strategic digital marketing

It’s been clear for quite some time now that technology has become a crucial part of our daily lives, and not even the real estate market, can escape this revolution. Through websites and social media profiles home buyers gain a sheer volume of information with which they equate locations and value with comparative asking prices on a scale that, not so long ago, would have been absolutely impossible.
According to the SA Social Media Landscape, the leading actor in this new era is without a doubt Facebook, which counts a staggering 14 million users in South Africa alone. YouTube is second with 8.74 million users, and Twitter third with 7.7 million.
Strategic digital marketing has been proved to help agents reach a broad demographic of potential buyers at an extraordinary pace, as well as also saving them a significant amount of time. Through online searches buyers have a clearer idea of the home they are interested in and therefore only request viewings for the ones they already know will strongly appeal to them.

More than 70% of property sales are now the result of online enquiries, so real estate agencies can no longer afford to stay offline and should immediately rethinking the way the distribute their resources. Meaning that any serious real estate agency should immediately adjust their marketing strategy to include social media, database, advertising, property search portal and app placements, digital media showcasing, show days, outdoor boarding and high-end print material. Particular attention should be made to mobile friendly websites, as 85% of those 14 million South African users, are now accessing internet through mobile devices.

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