Why is your home not selling?

If your property has been on the market for a while, has had numerous viewings, but has yet to receive an offer, then it’s important to understand what potential buyers are seeing that you are not.
Here are some common details that leave a lasting impression on people viewing a home but that sellers tend to overlook.


Most buyers research the neighbourhood they are interested in to better under the real estate market in that area. This is why putting a property up for sale at an inflated price usually backfires horribly, as potential buyers are quick to realize that there are less expensive and more viable options available to them.


Buyers will have their eye out for everything that could potentially cause problems down the line. Although your home may not present big issues, if small maintenance jobs such as leaking taps are not being attended to, this will give visitors an overall negative impression, as they will assume the existence of bigger and hidden problems, you have also neglected.

The state of the home

First impressions are crucial. Entering a home and being welcomed by a bad smell is something that will stay with the buyer for the whole duration of the viewing, and that will greatly impact on their perception of the property. Sellers may not even realize this problem exists, as over time we all get used to the odour of our own home and therefore perceive the scent differently from a visitor. Get carpets cleaned and vacuumed and eliminate cushions or beddings that carry strong smells. This is particularly indicated if the house is lived in by a smoker or by someone who has pets.

When cleaning pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms. These two rooms are extremely personal spaces and the thought of bathing in a grimy tub or of preparing a family meal in an untidy and dirty cooking area will certainly be a deal breaker.

Last but not least, declutter! Box it, bin it, store it, do whatever you want with it, but your home has to be tidy and neat for people to really imagine themselves living there.


Make sure your garden and any other outdoor space such as entertainment and/or pool areas follow the same criteria as the indoors when it comes to tidiness and cleanliness. The lawn needs to be mowed and the furniture needs to be inviting. If it isn’t, buyers will assume the space isn’t being used regularly and it could lead them to ask themselves why.


That’s right, if you’re the one accompanying visitors around the property maybe your over-enthusiasm is what’s turning people off. Buyers don’t like pushy people (no one does!), so give them space and let the home speak for itself. Point out certain features, but for the most only answer questions when asked directly.


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