Chas Everitt International property group: Highest value with the least inconvenience

The Chas Everitt International property group was the dream-child of founders Charles (Chas) and Tilla Everitt who started the company in 1980 setting up their first office in Randburg, Gauteng. Although the company has changed and developed over the last three decades in order to keep up with the times, it continues to be a family business, where ethics and values are an integral part of its DNA.

This dynamic organisation is dedicated to giving clients, property buyers, tenants, landlords and sellers a competitive advantage in the marketplace, helping clients relocate to any town or city in South Africa, or, through their international affiliations, to any place around the world.

This service-driven real estate company is seen as one of South Africa’s premier estate agency groups, built on the desire of becoming their clients lifelong property counsellors by delivering a truly memorable service: the highest possible value with the least inconvenience.

To view listings by Chas Everitt International property group and learn more, please click here.


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