Gain space with outbuildings

If you have no room to extend or develop your property then why not consider an outbuilding to act as an extra room? Creating more space by constructing an annexe on the land around your property is a great way to improve your existing home in a very convenient way. The biggest benefit of outbuildings is the fact that you don’t need planning permission to have one, as long as it’s on wheels and you are not using it as a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, you’ll be fine. Other guidelines include it being 20 metres away from the home and not covering more than 50% of your overall garden space (excluding the original house). Other restrictions include height and the position it will occupy on your land. Outbuildings can provide room for a variety of things, and do not require much looking into if the use is for purposes ‘incidental’ to the enjoyment of the house.

This means that the building could be a shed, greenhouse, gym, art studio, game room, or any other activity that could be classed as a hobby. Using it as an occasional home office for example could be fine, but if you plan on using it as your regular place of work, then permission will be required. Also, exclusions will most likely apply if you live in a listed building, Conservation Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or National Park.

Check with your local authority to confirm if your home is suited for an outbuilding and whether or not your planned purpose is ‘incidental’.
Remember, no matter how much time or money you invest in this project, your efforts won’t go to waste, because if and when you decide to move, your outbuilding could follow you to some place else!


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