Ten seconds is all you have!

Did you know that the majority of house-hunters take just 10 seconds to decide whether they like a property from the outside?

A new research has in fact found that 44% of homebuyers would offer 20% less than the asking price if they thought the exterior of the property they were viewing was untidy, with 35% of the people interviewed stating they wouldn’t even step into a property if they were unhappy with the outside. The survey, carried out by Barclays Mortgages, also found that buyers who spotted a vermin control van or a pub nearby, would instantly be put off the property before even stepping through the door.

Number wise, this means that although sellers in the UK lose an average of £57,600 on each home sold, the loss in value of a house with an unkempt exterior could rise up to £107,400.

The importance of keeping a well-manicured garden, double glazing and parking space are made even clearer when we tell you that the survey also revealed that buyers were willing to overlook an extensive interior redecoration, if the outside resulted appealing enough.

So, if you are keen on improving the value of your existing property without spending a fortune, hang a basket in your garden, place flowerpots here and there and keep your grass lawn neat. First impressions are crucial, so make sure they are positive ones!


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