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Commercial People was established as a worldwide search portal to provide comprehensive access to commercial and residential properties to buy and rent worldwide.  Our aim is to be the largest global property search portal. This portal is where all property seekers will find their properties to buy or rent.  Aiming to be the most efficient and recognised site in the world whether you are searching for a property in an emerging country in Asia or the United States. We aim to be the advertising choice for all professional property agents, property developers, property funds and institutional property investors.

Also included we will advertise your services on a specially built micro site page for you and include regular mailshots. We hope this will increase traffic to your business and give you extra exposure. This includes all your residential and commercial property for sale and rent.

We ask that you please do take a moment to check our promotional video to give you an idea of the scale of our  operation by clicking here

We are offering FREE no obligation unlimited listings by registering with Residential & Commercial People.

There is no catch, gimmick or hidden agendas but most of all we would love to work with you and hope you find our proposal as exciting as we do.

We want to be as flexible and accommodating as possible but most importantly want any processes to be as seamless. As a subsequent, we have developed various options for XML feeds, realtime-API and welcome any alternative methods.  This has had a tremendous response as our current agents have used the feed to upload their South African,the UK, Indian, Nigeria etc. We are in constant dialog with other well established estate agents across the globe to use Commercial People’s portal and with absolute delight, we are extremely pleased with the responses.

If you would like to proceed or have any questions please  contact us but most importantly, you do not  have to do a thing or put your hands in your pocket. All you will need to do is give us the authorisation and we will liaise with your CRM company and report to you with your live listings across all branches.


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