Home improvement on a budget

Renovations don’t have to necessarily put a strain on your bank account. Get everything done on a budget by following a few simple tricks, starting by doing the smaller jobs yourself. Painting, cleaning and light demolition are in fact all things you can easily do on your own without having to hire a contractor, as is picking up the materials. Home deliveries can cost much more than the average person may think, and in most cases it’s actually cheaper, to rent a truck and pick them up yourself, same thing goes for everything you’re getting rid of. If your old materials are in the condition to be used again, then donate them. Not only will you help someone in need, but you will also save money by avoiding the cost of having them hauled away.
When renovating on a budget it’s crucial to pay attention to the cost of building materials, so make sure you get the best deals you possibly can. Go to the recycling centre and see if you find old building materials and used fixtures that could be useful to your project. Also, try going to building material auctions. Do your research on store prices so you have a clear idea of how much is worth spending on items that interest you, because if you get it right, you could easily take home expensive material at a considerably lesser cost.
In an effort to achieve a completely different look, most people tend to buy a lot of products, but in order to not spend a fortune, you can go for similar products of certain materials instead of for the real deal: the feel you are aiming for will be the same, only with slightly different, cheaper materials.
Last but not least, choose the right contractor. Yes, we know we said that a contractor isn’t essential for little things such as painting, which you can do yourself, but his importance in the ‘big things’ is undeniable. Find out which contractor has the best offer and can do the job at an affordable price, but still be sure you are getting good value for money. It’s best to pay a little extra on his fees but get the remodeling in perfect shape the first time around, rather than hiring someone just for his cheap prices, but regretting it when you realize the job wasn’t carried out properly.


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