Picture perfect

Yes location and state of maintenance of the property play a key role in the buyers final decision, but before anyone can book an appointment to view the house, they first have to be interested in it, and this can happen through well taken pictures.

Whether you wish to sell or to let your home or your apartment, taking good pictures that will accompany your property’s description is extremely important for potential buyers to get a feel of the place, because if they like what they see, they already have a step in the right direction.

Bad pictures and a lack of pictures tend to put people off, so boost your chance of a quick sale by taking high quality images (best if with a wide angle lens) of both the interior and exterior of the property. This will not only give them a clear idea of the home, but it will also make it easier for them to recognize it on street view when researching the area or when they decide to visit it personally.

Avoid taking pictures when the weather and the lighting aren’t great. Good weather and the natural light that comes with a cloud-free sky, will add a great deal to all your photos, interior shots too. Open all the windows and doors to make the place as bright as possible without having to use your flash, and make sure the property looks clean and tidy. Capture as much space as you can by taking pictures from the room’s angles and by taking more shots of the same room from different places, to give people who have never been there, a chance to get an overall feel.

Images truly help in advertising a property to potential buyers or tenants, so give yourself a little more time to get your home picture perfect and get those photos of the quality they need to be, to gain interest and help speed up your sale.


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