How online searches have changed the real estate market

Did you know that 57% of South Africans start their search for a new home online? The remaining 20% will go straight to an estate agent, while only 14% will wait for their weekly newspaper. This change in behaviour, which is not restricted to South Africa alone, is explained by the fact that today the majority of consumers are self-educated, well-informed and ready to purchase by the time they pick up a phone to call an agent.
This new way of doing things, has deeply impacted the real estate market, as searches for property related information has rise 253% in the last four years. With nine in ten new home buyers relying on the internet as their primary source of research, the competition between agents is getting fierce, and the need to attract customers during their online search is at an all-time high.
While online property platforms are popular among agents, most of them rely on a third party to report on the current status of the property. This completely defeats the purpose of using the internet to advertise properties for sale or rent, as having to deal with an outsourced help desk will only cause frustration to both the buyer and the agent.

Commercial People API

As a worldwide online property platform, Commercial People has a clear understanding of property managers quest for a more efficient and detailed way to advertise their commercial listings. This is why we have developed an interface that makes it easier for buyers and agents to speak directly to one another: Commercial People Property API.
This interface is not only technologically more advanced than many of our competitors, but it also aims to be the most efficient and recognised site in the world.

Advantages of using Commercial People API:

Real-Time: Submissions to the API are processed immediately rather than periodically.

Efficient: You only submit the property information that requires updating rather than sending an entire feed with all of your listings.

Small footprint: Using JSON the code that is transmitted is small and lightweight compared to other file formats like XML. This means you won’t have to wait hours for your listing to appear or to be updated.

Detailed: The property API provides many useful fields for specifying a high level of detail for each property listing across pricing, descriptions, location, media and contact details.

Secure: We use encryption to verify the agent sending the submissions and the data is passed over a secure SSL connection.

To learn more about API and API security, please see the API documentation page.


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