2017 décor trends

Early indications predict that 2017 will become the year of natural and earthy tones. Not to worry though, previous trends can be adapted, refreshed and renewed to catch up with the new style of décor without having to come at a prohibitively high price. Updating one or two key items with contemporary materials and textures, as well as layering accessories and smaller furnishings around a few classic pieces, will be more than enough to get you back in style.

Go for rough edges, natural finishes and organic patterns. The main aim is to create tranquil living environments in which one can take a break from electronic devices and step away from the hassle of the digital world.

Alleviate stress by using earthy tones and shades of green. This will contribute greatly to the overall sense of wellbeing by transforming your home in the reflection of the outdoors.

Put all these changes in place by keeping in mind that the space you create must also be practical to everyday life and functional to the homeowner’s lifestyle.

2017 décor trends in a nutshell

  • Look to the outdoors for inspiration.
  • Keep furniture and materials relaxed and practical. It is all about deep sofas with linen slip covers, oversized love seats, day beds, sheepskins, woollen rugs and floor cushions.
  • Do not skimp on back lighting solutions and lamps.
  • Use transparent fabrics, floaty silks and sheer fabrics which will create lightness and soft, romantic elements to your décor.
  • Remove artworks depicting quotes, or that have glossy and perfect finishes.

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